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Why is a website hosting location important?

A website hosting location is needed in order to allow a website to be reached over the internet. A website is hosted on a server, which is connected to the internet. The server resides with a web hosting provider, which has a datacenter that is connected to internet and where customers can place their servers.

Because of the latency of data communication through internet, it could prove wise to carefully select the website hosting location. For instance, a website that is geared towards the local public is better served when the web server is laced in a more local datacenter.

If the website has a global reach to its visitors, then it's quite common to scale the website up to a cloud solution and to mirror the website in datacenters spread across several different physical locations, for instance in the United States, Europe and Asia. The advantage of this is that visitors in each respective continent will then automatically connect to a datacenter in their own region.

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