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Where is a website hosting location used?

A website hosting location is necessary to make a website available on the internet. Beginning websites commonly make use of a website hosting provider takes over these duties by offering a shared (or dedicated) hosting package.

When a website or online service needs to become larger and more widespread, businesses have the need to keep the hosting under their own management. To do this, they place their servers in a datacenter and manage the website or online services internally through a DNS server.

If the website is geared towards the local market, let's say a news website or an online store that sells countrywide only, then a local hosting location is enough. The internet connection with the datacenter is efficient and the website loads quickly for visitors.

When the website has an international target group, internet connections may become more "latent", especially if visitors from different continents go to the website. This can of course create a far from smooth user experience. As a solution, large international websites utilize virtual hosting in different datacenter locations across the globe, for example in Asia, Europe, and the United States. This way, local visitors are automatically connected to the datacenter in their own region, resulting in the connection to the website being much quicker.

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