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What is a website hosting location?

A website hosting location is the place where the website is physically housed. This is typically located in an area within a datacenter of the hosting provider. Inside the datacenter there are cupboards (cabinets) in which servers are placed. The datacenter is designed to ensure there is sufficient power and network connectivity for the servers, as well as a cool environment for the systems, as servers emit a large amount of heat when in operation.

There are several options available when placing a website in a website hosting location. The most common is shared hosting. This means that the website hosting provider takes care of housing the website on its server. With shared hosting, the website is usually on a server together with the websites of other clients. Although this is a cost-efficient form of webhosting, it's neither very sustainable or secure.

A better form is dedicated hosting, whereby the website stands exclusively alone on a server without that server being used by other clients.

A very common form of hosting these days is hosting through cloud services, whereby the website is placed on a virtual machine. This virtual machine is easily scalable over more than one machine and is also scalable over several locations via internet. An extra form of cloud is virtual private cloud, meaning that a company has exclusive access to its own virtual server environment (cloud), without other customers being able to use it.

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